A Big Thanks to Nick’s & Natalie’s Dine & Donate for CJAM!

Thanks to Nick’s and veteran waitress Natalie Cabanaw, and all our CJAM supporters!  The Dine and Donate raised $408 thatincluded $263 in donated tips!  Wow – we are blessed to live in a community that displays such strong civic pride and generosity!  Thanks to Natalie, Susan, Raggs and the staff at Nick’s for supporting all the important work that non-profits are doing each and every day.

About Natalie Cabanaw:  For the past 25 years, Natalie has been serving patrons at Nick’s and for the last 15 of those years, she has been supporting local non-profits and causes by donating her tips on one Thursday evening each month!   Driven by a deep seated value of giving back to our community, Natalie started her grass-roots fundraising  and community outreach after the disappearance of IU freshman, Jill Behrman. The Behrman family were regulars at the Bloomington local pub and Natalie was eager to help in any way she could and Nick’s Third Thursdays was born.  Due to the overwhelming community support of these evenings, Nick’s ownership soon followed suit by also donating 20% of all food and beverage tabs.

Please  share our Facebook Event   You don’t  need to present a flyer, but to help us spread the word, you can also can download one here.

Photo: Nick’s Manager, Cameron Flannigan (left)  and Natalie Cabanaw (right)