Turner-Kiesling Awards


At its heart, CJAM’s work is based on connecting people. We acknowledge the importance of the work we do together as on-the ground peacemakers within our families, in our schools and workplaces, and in our community.

Each year we honor the legacy of two important CJAM supporters by recognizing the significant and tireless contributions of others who make Bloomington and Monroe County a healthy, more just, and caring community.

About Herb Kiesling

Herb Kiesling’s passion was that every child and young person would have an equal opportunity to develop his or her talents, and focused his life’s work on activities that would remove “risk” for children in our schools. He helped to develop a method to identify elementary school-aged children who were most at-risk for dropping out, and supported efforts to provide mentors and additional supports.

About Haines Turner

Social activist, Haines Turner, prodded the community conscience in his efforts to improve treatment of citizens in trouble with the justice system. Through this work and his advocacy for restorative alternatives to incarceration, he founded Citizens for Jail Improvement, an organization that later developed into CJAM and our Victim Offender Restoration Program.

2024 nominations are now closed - so be sure to check back to help us celebrate our 2024 recipients!

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