Turner-Kiesling Awards


At its heart, CJAM’s work is based on connecting people with others, with their communities and with themselves. We acknowledge the importance of the work we do together as on-the ground peacemakers within our families, in our schools and workplaces, and in our community.

Each year we honor the legacy of two important CJAM supporters by recognizing the significant and tireless contributions of others who make Bloomington and Monroe County a healthy, more just, and caring community.

About Herb Kiesling

Herb Kiesling’s passion was that every child and young person would have an equal opportunity to develop his or her talents, and focused his life’s work on activities that would remove “risk” for children in our schools. He helped to develop a method to identify elementary school-aged children who were most at-risk for dropping out, and supported efforts to provide mentors and additional supports.


2019-2020 Herb Kiesling Award Recipient

Harriet (Tarry) Curry, Monroe County CASA

Tarry Curry has been a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA), for over 24 ½ years. She is currently the longest running active CASA volunteer in Monroe County and has made a difference in the lives of over 50 children. Her dedication to advocacy on behalf of abused and neglected children in Monroe County is respected by her CASA colleagues and the attorneys, judges, and caseworkers with whom she has interacted. These people have described her as a “people person” with deep compassion for others, a no-nonsense advocate who always says exactly what she means, and unwaveringly enthusiasm in her efforts to support the best interests of the children she represents. Her CASA colleagues are inspired by Tarry’s commitment, even through personal hardships, and they admire her open-mindedness, willingness to examine her own values, and willingness to adjust to changing societal and cultural standards. Her colleagues say that she is an “excellent example of the impact that a dedicated volunteer can have on a community” and that “she has definitely made her mark in an exceptional way.”

About Haines Turner

Social activist, Haines Turner, prodded the community conscience in his efforts to improve treatment of citizens in trouble with the justice system. Through this work and his advocacy for restorative alternatives to incarceration, he founded Citizens for Jail Improvement, an organization that later developed into CJAM and our Victim Offender Restoration Program.


2019-2020 Haines Turner Recipient

Child Support Division, Monroe County Prosecutor's Office

Through the Child Support Division team, custodial and non-custodial parents and guardians receive services that are designed to help them meet their obligations to the children in their lives. In the spirit of Haines Turner, the Child Support Division focuses on finding solutions to problems instead of punishing people or merely collecting payments. They saw problems that were not being addressed, so they did something. By proactively entering into agreements with various community helping organizations, the Division provides referrals that help parents, custodians, and guardians access needed services. As a result, people have had higher employment rates, better payment histories, and increased capacities for providing the safe nurturing environments each child needs and deserves.


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