Turner-Kiesling Awards


Nominations are open for the  2017 Community Justice and Mediation Center  Haines Turner & Herb Kiesling Awards.  CJAM annually recognizes individuals, groups, or businesses  for significant contributions to restorative and social justice through the Haines Turner Award.  The Herb Kiesling Award recognizes those who improve the well-being of children and youth in our community.  Nominees can be those who have demonstrated efforts currently , or can be recognized for a lifetime of contributions.  We encourage nominations for folks who have received little or no public recognition for their efforts.   You may submit an on-line nomination form, or download the application below.  Nominations due August 31, 2017.

Nominations must be received by August 31, 2017.

About the Awards

About Haines Turner 
For many years Haines Turner prodded the community conscience in his efforts to improve treatment of citizens in trouble with the justice system. In this role, he started Citizens for Jail Improvement, an organization that developed into Community Justice & Mediation Center. Mr. Turner publicized the shortcomings of the old Monroe County Jail and worked with other community organizers, activists, and leaders to build the Monroe County Justice Building, now the Charlotte T. Zietlow Justice Center, and to develop programs to improve inmate welfare in the jail. Through his advocacy for alternatives to incarceration for offenders, Mr. Turner supported Monroe County’s first Victim Offender Reconciliation Program (VORP) in the early 1980s and was working to have the program revived when he died.

                        Chris Gaal, Monroe County Prosecutor, 2016 Haines Turner Recipient

Chris Gaal embodies the advocacy, passion and life-long work of Haines Turner. He has been a driving force in multiple ground-breaking local partnerships to address important public safety issues and to enhance the quality of life in our community. Chris places priority on preventing crimes of violence including domestic violence, public safety issues affecting children and the elderly, and to improving the criminal justice systems’ response to those suffering from mental illness.

Nancy Lumbley, 2017 Herb Kiesling Recipient

Nancy Lumbley has dedicated her life to ensuring that every child and young person has an equal opportunity to develop their talents and contribute to our community.  She is a retired MCCSC educator, tireless community leader, advocate, and 20 – year CJAM volunteer and senior VORP mediator. She designed and launched CJAM’s School and Peer Mediation Program, and volunteered to teach at the first MCCSC alternative high school.  Some of Nancy’s other civic activities include the Local Council of Women, Delta Theta Tau, a philanthropic sorority with a focus on children, education and health, the United Methodist Women and the League of Women Voters. Nancy exemplifies the work of Herb Kiesling by her kind words, her purposeful actions and quiet leadership.

About Herb Kiesling 
Herb Kiesling’s passion was that every child and young person would have an equal opportunity to develop his or her talents. He focused much of his work on activities that would remove “risk” for children in school. Mr. Kiesling led a study to determine how early educators in the Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) could identify those children who were most at-risk for dropping out, and he supported efforts to provide mentors in elementary schools for those children.